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Panic on the streets... [Oct. 18th, 2005|04:35 pm]
Time for us to resurrect the sarcasm of the week feature.*

As part of the mass hysteria over bird flu (an advantage to being an amoeba at last!), we bring you this from The Register:

"Gartner has released an essential guide to avian influenza, aka bird flu, aka Black Death II, [...]"

The Register notes:

"Gartner rightly warns that bird flu could be even worse than SARS, which in 2003 killed a chilling 774 of 8,096 people infected worldwide, in the process generating 1.2bn column inches of press hysteria and rating an impressive 7.2 (out of ten) on the international "Imminent Pandemic Apocalypse" scale."

No need to panic everyone, your employer should be setting in place a plan to ensure that in the event that you get it, you can carry on working from your (death) bed. Pointers include:

"Establish or expand policies and tools that enable employees to work from home with broadband access, appropriate security and network access to applications."

Helpfully The Register has come up with a few tips of its own:

"Assign someone in your business to stand on the roof and shoot anything with wings."
"Lock infected employees in their homes with broadband access and then paint a red cross on the door."

Right. Sarcasm over. Let the hysteria continue...

* not actually weekly or a feature

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